Do You Know When Your Business Needs A Lawyer

Do You Know When Your Business Needs A Lawyer

When you set up and operate a business, either for profit or as a non-profit to the community, success is your primary goal. The definition of success varies, but the question, “Does my company need a lawyer in order to be successful?” is the same, whether you are selling products or providing services.

What if???

Have you dotted every “I” and crossed every ”T?” What happens if there are documents you failed to review or thoughtfully consider because “it looked right”, or because you did not think it was significant? Do you lie awake at night (or stress during the day) about whether you or your business will be sued? How do you know whether your contracts and business relationships are structured in a way that provides maximum benefit the company? Are you confident you understand the legal impact of your daily decisions? All of these questions and many others are reasons you should consider engaging legal counsel early and often.

What About the Cost???

Hiring a lawyer may seem to be intimidating because of the perceived strain on your bottom line. Take some time to read my recent blog on “7 Tips to Finding a Lawyer.” This will give you a good starting point on what to look for as you identify a lawyer to help your business succeed. Engaging qualified legal counsel is a strong advantage in all legal matters affecting your business.

How does having a lawyer help???

A lawyer will help you answer the “What if…” questions which impact every business. One of the primary reasons you should consider hiring a lawyer early in your business venture is that she is able to assist you with developing a legal structure that is suited to your business goals. Another reason to engage a lawyer early is to proactively address litigation issues before a complaint is filed, whether for or against your business.

Another valuable (but under-utilized) asset provided by a good lawyer is access to his circle of influence. Because lawyers routinely work with other professionals, they are uniquely positioned to provide clients with referrals to accounting and other professionals, and a savvy business lawyer is able to assist clients in building strategic partnership with other business owners and community leaders.

Butler Davis can help

At Butler Davis, we have extensive experience in the areas of corporate and business law and business litigation, and strive to help business clients of all levels achieve their goals. For more information, please visit our “Practice Areas” page.

Author’s Note:
Because both women and men practice law, the author deliberately alternates between the use of masculine and feminine pronouns when referring to lawyers.

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